The BeCode Chronicles (day 4)

Today I will write a short post ... hey wait wait wait, what's happening here? this is in english!!! ... yeah of course, because today was english day at BeCode!!!

Dessert of the day, I work really hard to deserve it :-)
This is the thing I would like to talk today, I know I'm really bad with english, but in BeCode they expose their ignorance and they go out of their comfort zone all the time (look for these patterns on Apprenticeship patterns, a really good book). I can't be less and I'll work as hard as them to improve my skills.

Today was a rainy day, but I went out to take a breakfast and buy some croissants like the other days, I don't like too much change some habits. While I was walking I thought "I will do really bad". In the end I think it was really nice and I learned a lot, it's easy with supportive people like them. The hard thing with this is you are twice as tired, because you need to think on the programming problems and the english thing. Believe me!, it deserve the effort.

Some people could think this is a really poor post, yeah it is. So, yes today I was working on software development like other days. I was busy all day with Cuore.js. The morning was nice but not really a lot of work done, more discussions and thinking on the architecture than other thing, but it is absolutely necessary. In the afternoon came all the work on the Handlers Set, to clean the component excess of responsibility. You can see the result here.

After a large day like this, the "Dr. Amodeo", a friend of him called Dani, @elmendalerenda and me went to take a nice dinner on Bocconcino, a small and nice Italian in the Barrio del Carmen. Good pizza and a nice Tiramisu for a nice end of the day.

Now I have a bittersweet feeling because my desk-surfing is ending and tomorrow will be my last day on BeCode :-( But I have a lot of illusion to return to AvanTIC where I will put in practice a lot of the things I learned here.

Special thanks to Google Translate :-D


ialcazar ha dicho que…
Good post Yeray...Push yourself and Raise the bar! ;-)..
Tanausú Cerdeña ha dicho que…
So proud!! :) Nice post
Yeray Darias Camacho ha dicho que…
Thank you Tana. I'll tell you things about my desk-surfing here in the next Agile Canarias meeting :-)
Yeray Darias Camacho ha dicho que…
Thank you Israel!!! you need to see Enrique, he is crazy, refactoring all that he touch :-)

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