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Book review: AngularJS Services

The last book I read is AngularJS Services by Jim Lavin and published by Packt Publishing. It is focused on intermediate and advanced topics from AngularJS. To say a few, the use of services to reduce the code duplication, the improvement of the code structure and the use of useful patterns in a real project. Note: It takes attention on very interesting third party services like Google Calendar or Google Tasks APIs or the MongoLab service to implement the data persistence. Table of contentsThe need for servicesDesigning servicesTesting servicesHandling cross-cutting concernsData managementMashing in external servicesImplementing the business logicPutting it all together As you can see the contents are not for the novice on AngularJS, but don't be worried, they are not so advanced and the author explains the details very well. It is focused on developers who had been programming with AngularJS for a few months and they are ready to take the next step. I don't say a programmer w…