Book review: AngularJS Services

The last book I read is AngularJS Services by Jim Lavin and published by Packt Publishing. It is focused on intermediate and advanced topics from AngularJS. To say a few, the use of services to reduce the code duplication, the improvement of the code structure and the use of useful patterns in a real project.
Book cover
Note: It takes attention on very interesting third party services like Google Calendar or Google Tasks APIs or the MongoLab service to implement the data persistence.

Table of contents

  1. The need for services
  2. Designing services
  3. Testing services
  4. Handling cross-cutting concerns
  5. Data management
  6. Mashing in external services
  7. Implementing the business logic
  8. Putting it all together
As you can see the contents are not for the novice on AngularJS, but don't be worried, they are not so advanced and the author explains the details very well. It is focused on developers who had been programming with AngularJS for a few months and they are ready to take the next step. I don't say a programmer who had finished the Google's tutorial can't read the book, but it works better if you had some real experience.

My point of view

I believe that the best part is that the author describes a real application with all the necessities of a project, from third party service's communication details to application logging, or data patterns to improve the application behavior. And you can learn it from the code that comes with the book.
My feeling is that the author is an experienced developer very well documentated and probably experienced on clean code, good use of design patterns and other good code principles. I guess a backer of agile development and software craftmanship. That is the reason why I recommended the book to any developer who specifically wants to improve her AngularJS knowledge or even her programming skills in general.
It is a very short book, compared to other technical books, but requires a lof of attention to details because the amount of code and tips included. As a final word, I may advice you that is not a too much comfortable lecture on Kindle because the font size and the amount of code but is very nice on PDF and of course in paper.


Alessandro Mascherpa ha dicho que…
Nice review. Thxs!
Yeray Darias Camacho ha dicho que…
Thank you Alessandro.

My pleasure.
Sergio ha dicho que…
In English? And of course, thanks for the review...
Yeray Darias Camacho ha dicho que…
You are welcome :-)

Yes it is in english, it is a long story, but the future posts will be in spanish again.
Priya angel ha dicho que…
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